Inimitable Color


Permanent oxidation colour

Colouring cream

Silk-like lustre

The INIMITABLE COLOR Colouring cream delivers 100% grey hair coverage and long-lasting results. With its low ammonia content, it is kind to the hair shaft. It has multiple uses: tones and lightens, lifting up to 4 levels.

100 ml

What we recommend it for

Colour, cover grey hairs.


Silk extract, White pearl, Black Pearl, Amber, Amethyst.

Usage mode

PREPARATION: in a non-metal bowl, mix Inimitable Color Colouring Cream with Hair Company Emulsion Developer (5, 10, 20, 30, 40 Vol.) to a creamy, even mixture. TIPS: When dealing with a high percentage of grey hair, we recommend a dilution ratio of 1:1 with Hair Company 30 Vol. Emulsion Developer using a level less than the desired shade. Development time: 35 minutes.

information on disposal

Box: PAP 21 Paperboard
Cap PP 05 Plastic
Tube: ALU 41 Aluminium

Waste sorting:
Check the provisions of your Municipality.