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Color Drops

Color drops mask

Neutral-based nourishing mask. Mixed with Color Drops Shades, it creates an effective colouring hair mask: it revives colour, hydrates, detangles and, used between colour treatments, it boosts the reflective shine and restores colour to faded lengths, while it is optimal for toning highlights and streaks.

1000 ml / 60 ml

What we recommend it for

Nourish, colour, tone.


SymHair® Shape & Color, Luminescine, SymOleo® Vita 7.

Usage mode

Wash hair with the desired shampoo; mix between 2 and 5 g of Color Drops Shades (6 squirts from the dropper) in a bowl with 20 g of Color Drops Mask (6 pumps) to a creamy consistency. Apply the resulting colour mask to damp hair, comb through evenly, and leave on for between 5 and 20 minutes. Rinse off with plenty of water.